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Flat Sanno is a three-story wooden residence combined with rental space.
We have planned the first floor to be the owner’s residence and the second and third floors as a revenue-generating section with seven residences.
As the sections can be clearly segregated, we have planned separate approaches for the condominium section and the owners’ residence section to ensure the owners’ privacy in everyday life.
So that the owners and their family can enjoy an outdoor space, we have planned a verdant garden in the space secured as an open area outside the windows.
Because the site is on a corner block, we have planned it so that the design that forms a feature of the building is on the corner of the site, and the shape of the roof formed by restrictions on elevated slants is presented as though it was designed that way through innovations with materials.
We have reached this plan through a process of carefully reading the site, legal restrictions, usage, and various elements.
A three-story wooden condominium build on a narrow site in Tokyo is subject to many restrictions and what we can do with it is quite limited, but how attractive can we make the building we design? This condominium produces an answer to this challenge by deep thought about materials, shapes, and space.