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Flat Shirako is a project to build a large three-story wooden condominium with a total floor area exceeding 2,600 m2 on a site over 4,600 m2.
Because of the size of the condominium, we decided to divide it into two buildings and plan each according to different concepts.
For one building, we focused our strength on the design of the garden—a shared space—and planned it as a space that residents could use as a kind of waiting area when visitors come, or where they could read and chat on days with nice weather.
This is based on the thinking that enriching shared spaces offers better cost performance than improving the specifications for each residence.
The residents enjoy this lush, green shared space every day as they go out and return home.
It is also lit up in the evenings, transforming into a refined space with a dreamlike quality.
The second building has been planned like a garage-centered house.
This place is located at a handy distance from the highway interchange, and it seems that it would fulfill the needs of car- and motorbike-lovers, such as commuting or touring using the highways.
As we have focused on a lifestyle where individuals live with their beloved vehicle, we have not included a shared space or other features in this building, but planned it as separate, independent spaces.
This project has defrayed the risk of investment by giving each building a concept and expanding the targets for residents.
This approach, which is well suited to a large project, allowed us to combine these into an appealing, characteristic proposal.