The site for this project is located in an area with old wooden structures and the volume of each building is compact.
In order to respect the circular environment formed over time, the concrete was wrapped by wooden louvers, which also provided a soft expression by transferring grain with the mold of cedar plates because the texture of the exposed concrete would otherwise overwhelm a neighbor.
The louver drops a gentle light to the inside, and makes soft the hard boundary of concrete between the inside and the exterior. We didn’t eschew wind and light considerations merely to maximize the volume of dwelling units. If we were to pursue only profitability and try to get the maximum volume out of each dwelling unit, the building would not inspire people to live there, and profitability would fall off. We wanted to offer residents some exciting perks of living in these units: some spice to their lives. Therefore, a bright courtyard with a tree were arranged at the entrance, and the lobby was fitted with louvers to provide a with gentle light.
Moreover, we designed a room on the second floor such that the residents would be able to communicate with one other, or perform club activities, or even hold events. They can use these spaces freely at any time. The communication room connects the residents, and the residents connect each dwelling unit. In this way, the space of an apartment house functions as one.
The owner's house is on the third floor. Because the surrounding buildings are not as high, the balcony on this floor enjoys an expansive view. This story is also planned for a two generation house.
The flow lines of the owner's house and the apartment house are divided completely.
However, both the owner's residence and the building residents can access the party space on the roof. If communication between the owner and residents are promoted through this space, the identity of this building will be also promoted.
We hope that the owner and the residents discover a new bond, and experience and enjoy it in the daily course of their lives, and love this building for a long time.